Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fit girls look good naked :D

So they say... "Skinny girls look good with clothes on, fit girls look good naked".... ok... so I guess pretty soon I can donate all my clothes away! wahahahahaha... I feel like I deserve something nice just now when I was dead beat tired... legs were in some kind of pain, stomach wasn't well either from OT for the last couple of days because I didn't chew, I just kinda swallow whatever I can swallow, and that didn't limit to just soft food. So my poor stomach has been doing OT with no extra pay... I guess it's only fair to allow her to crumble and cause some problem. I had stitches from just walking in a fast pase, not even talking baout running at 8.5kmph speed as usual... But I pushed on, at least I made it to my 2.5km with 1kg weight in each hands (you have to try this! it tone arms really fast!) couple up with intense legs raise and plank for another almost 20min before my energy was so drained out I found it hard to even walk out of my gym room... So, my reward was, one giant size nice and juicy mango!! :D I totally totally deserve that.

Oh yeah, about the national 10mph driving day thingy... YES, IT SO IS!!! After work i was still driving behind a car that drove just at barely 10mph... couldn't over take him, signal him to move faster he didn't even give a crap! there goes my juke drive.... a complete wasted chance of driving a good car with an awesome sound system to go along...

Ok... to lighten up the mood a little, here, my hair right now. The beauty in the imperfection of the faded colored hair. Now I look like a freakin unicorn fart!

But i'm gonna turn this into blue real soon. Yeah, then, I will be the real Blue Warrior Angel!

Last word of the night: Time, is a very expensive gift, so stop wasting it on people who don't give a crap about what you give to them, or if you are living or dying or struggling bad.

Good night!

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